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The history of Print + began in 2001 in Šiauliai, when the Joint Stock Company JUGERAS was founded. In the beginning, the main activity of the company was the sale of computers and the repair and servicing of computer equipment. As the range of clients expanded, so did the range of services - servicing of corporate computer networks and systems was started, the number of employees and their qualifications grew.

In 2003, following the acquisition of modern equipment, a refill service for all types of printer cartridges was launched, which was used by a large number of private and business customers. Through a network of partners, refilling services were extended to other Lithuanian cities. From the very beginning, the company has carefully selected ink and toner powder suppliers, invested in staff training and qualification development.

In 2011, another step was taken to ensure comprehensive office services by launching a rental service for printers and multifunctional printing machines. Printers serviced by UAB JUGERAS have appeared not only in Šiauliai, but also in companies in other Lithuanian and Latvian cities. Over time, modern remote maintenance equipment has been installed on the rented printers, which allows for timely replacement of consumables, as well as for detecting possible malfunctions and accurate accounting of the volume of work performed by the printer.

In 2012, cooperation with ASTER, one of China's largest manufacturers of analogue printer cartridges, was launched to import ASTER's products to the Baltic States. ASTER is one of the three largest printer cartridge manufacturers in China, continuously investing in product quality improvement and patented innovations. ASTER's team of engineers and lawyers ensure that the company's products always meet the highest quality standards and do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of the original material companies.

ASTER has launched the production of PRINT+ high quality printer cartridges for the Lithuanian market only. ASTER pays even more attention to product testing in the production of this brand, thus guaranteeing that only the highest quality products will reach our country. The long-term cooperation with the Chinese company has allowed us to offer these top quality printer cartridges on the Lithuanian market at a very attractive price, despite the fact that we can put an equal sign between the PRINT+ brand and the word QUALITY.

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In 2017, we become the official representative of the Japanese company BROTHER in the Baltic States. We start supplying all kinds of printing equipment and original consumables. UAB JUGERAS becomes the first company to introduce all BROTHER innovations to the Lithuanian market - from the smallest sticker printers to powerful multifunctional printing machines for extremely intensive work. As BROTHER's sales increase, we become the largest partner of the company in Lithuania. Rental BROTHER printers are appearing in many of the offices serviced by UAB JUGERAS, and direct sales of printers and original printing materials are steadily increasing.

In 2019, in recognition of the successful cooperation, BROTHER grants the company the status of an official technical centre, which allows for warranty and post-warranty repairs of BROTHER equipment, as well as ensuring continuous training of UAB JUGERAS engineers and access to the necessary BROTHER technical documentation. From now on, the company's engineers regularly attend BROTHER training courses, are the first to know what is new, and receive direct manufacturer's recommendations, support and certified spare parts in all cases of need.


In 2019, the company joins the network of partners of the German company INTEGRAL GMBH and starts supplying the Baltic market with analogue products manufactured in Germany that match the quality of the original print cartridges. INTEGRAL is a world leader in the production of analogue printer and copier cartridges, constantly investing in research and development of production processes in order to offer only high quality products, which are not inferior to the originals.

In 2020, the network of partners and suppliers is expanding even further with the signing of a cooperation agreement with HEWLETT PACKARD (HP), one of the world market leaders. From now on, the latest and most popular HEWLETT PACKARD printing equipment and original consumables are the first to arrive in the company's warehouses. HEWLETT PACKARD, whose motto is "Reinventing", strives to create valuable, smart, simple and delightful technologies that change people's lives. JUGERAS UAB is now contributing to this positive change

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In March 2021, UAB JUGERAS officially changes its name to UAB PrintPlius LT, which perfectly reflects the activities we carry out, thus becoming even more visible to our customers and partners.



UAB PrintPlius LT is currently a dynamic, constantly growing company, able to offer products that meet almost all customer needs. Our goal is to satisfy our customers, which is achieved by:

  • 400 sq. m. warehouses;
  • More than 1700 different types of products;
  • Constantly updated stock;
  • Technical service centre;
  • Customer service systems that are improved on a daily basis;
  • Staff always ready to help;



UAB „PrintPlius LT“
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