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The convenient plastic storage area ensures a very comfortable writing experience. New stylish pencil cases. Convenient ink refilling by changing ink capsules. One long or two short capsules available. Iridium steel nib for...
Rubber grip zone for comfortable holding; Ultra-smooth writing with gel ink.
With the foam wedge applicator brush, you can cleanly remove an extra line in a contract or make corrections to a document. 20ml of liquid is enough to correct all errors.
Convenient ink refilling by changing ink capsules. Possibility to use one long or two short capsules. Iridium steel nib is pressure resistant. Suitable for both right- and left-handed users.
Write, erase the erroneous text with the eraser on the cover and write again in the erased space. The pen can be used on a variety of papers. Interchangeable refills.
An ultra-fast-drying water-based ink that does not rub off or smudge when dry. Stainless steel gel pen tip - high quality and precise manufacturing process for uninterrupted ink flow. 18 months shelf life.